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Browse our Australian eco-business community by state below:

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    Meet the founder:  Mel Rautio from ‘Vesi Olo – fluid beauty’!

    I recently did a short Q&A with Mel from Sunshine Coast small business Vesi Olo to learn a little more about the lady behind this beautiful natural skin -care range. I’ve been using Mel’s products myself for about 6 months and I absolutely love them. No synthetic fragrances, pure natural ingredients, super nourishing, eco-friendly packaging and hand blended by Mel herself. I highly recommend checking the lovely collection out HERE.


    Can you tell us how you came to start you natural skin-care range?

    I had been creating my own products for a little while for myself and friends and they encouraged me to start selling it. So with a lot of research and trial and error, I did just that. I also wanted to have somethingI also wanted to have something I could do from home so I could be there for my kids.


    Can you tell us what you did before Vesi Olo Australia? and why the career change?

    I as the owned and my catering business as well as working as a Chef. I needed a change as I was suffering from burnout.


    What personal change in your lifestyle do you think has made
    the most impact on your journey as a conscious consumer?

    I was always strived to be a conscious consumer, however since starting Veso Olo, I have become
    more aware of the impact of waste and how we can fix the problem in our every day lives.


    Tell us what you love most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

    I love the laid back lifestyle, the beaches, the hinterland and the people. I have loved in many
    places around the world, and this is the best place!


    What is your favourite thing to do in your ‘off time’?

    I love to get out into nature. Whether that be a walk along the beach or a hike into the bush.
    It grounds me and calms my mind.

    What or who inspires you on your conscious consumer journey?

    My kids. Teaching them and also learning with them ways to be less wasteful and being mindful
    of what we consume is so important to me and inspires me so much.


    Can you tell us about the name, Vesi Olo?

    Vesi Olo translated from Finnish means: Water Feeling. I married a Fin and loved there for quite a few years. They love the water as much as we so and this was my way to marry the two countries
    that mean so much to me.


    What is something we would be surprised to know about you?

    I am addicted to True Crime. It’s all I watch on tv. My husband & kids are used to is now. “Oh Mum’s watching her murder shows again”. I think I should of been a Criminal profiler. LOL


    Do you have any eco-hacks you can share with our readers?

    Not a hack as such but something to think about. Ask these questions. Can it be reused? Where was it
    made? It is plastic free? Can I support small local business by buying this?


    What was the hardest eco swap you’ve made and how did you overcome it?

    Finding good shampoo and conditioner that is good for me hair and comes in plastic free packaging.
    I have tried many waste-free bars in my time, but have finally found it!


    What are the 3 most popular products in your collective?
    Hands down: Summer Breeze Whipped Body Butter, Healing Balm & Nourishing Facial Oil.


    What’s next for you and your business?

    I would love to be in more stores, so am looking at the wholesale side of my business and how
    to approach these stores. Vesi Olo translated from Finnish means: Water Feeling. I married a Fin and loved there for quite


    Find out more about Vesi Olo – fluid beauty and connect  HERE


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