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    The excitement and joy of Christmas through the eyes of a child really is a magical thing to be part of. I can still remember all the anticipation of the festive season when I young. Excitement to see relatives we hadn’t seen for atleast a year, special gatherings, games with siblings and cousins, so much yummy food, giving thanks and not sleeping Christmas Eve for the chance of hearing or seeing a glimpse of Santa and the Reindeers.


    Then when I became a mum to my little boy Noah, I discovered an entirely new level of Christmas excitement. What it is to experience the festive season and Christmas day as a parent is truly special. Watching the love, happiness and wonder on my little ones face is something I will treasure every year of his childhood and making the festivities start a little earlier is all part of the fun.


    Last year I put together an eco-advent calendar with fun activities, acts of kindness and crafts for us to do together.  Choosing to follow an eco-friendly advent calendar doesn’t just mean avoiding plastic trinkets or too much chocolate and candy, it also provides an opportunity to explore nature, connect as a family and create memories.


    This advent calendar was based around easy activities we could do as a family with our then busy 3 year old, although children many years older than this will still get enjoyment out of these ideas.


    Check out Pinterest for lots of inspiration on making a fun advent calendar for these activities to go in – there are so many cute DIY ideas!


    Click this image below for your FREE copy of our eco-advent calendar…


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