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BOKASHI NINJA – A little green. A little legendary. A little world-changing.

Bokashi Ninja – easy in-kitchen composting. This convenient composting system allows everyday Australians to turn their household food waste going to landfill, reduce single use plastic bags and turn their food waste into soil enriching fermented matter and Bokashi extract for the plants and garden.

Waste Facts

According to the Australian government* food waste sent to landfill accounts for between 30 and 46 per cent of total waste and represents the greatest opportunity for improvement when it comes to resource recovery.

Bokashi Ninja in-kitchen composting system has the potential to reduce landfill from household waste by one third.

Prepare food. Bokashi Ninja. Save the Planet. Repeat.

HOW TO: Simply put your daily scraps, such as fruit, veggies, cooked and raw meat, eggs, leftovers, tea leaves and coffee grinds into the Bokashi Ninja, instead of your bin. Spray with the special microorganisms enabling your food waste to ferment.

You also have a by-product of Bokashi Juice as a rich fertiliser for your plants and gardens.

Best of all, the airtight bucket stays conveniently in your kitchen. Attracting no nasty odours or fruit flies.

OUR WHY: “We are local business partners on the Sunshine Coast with a vision to make Bokashi a common word in our vocabulary. A way for everyday Australians to make a huge difference to the beautiful planet we inhabit be reducing single-use bin bags, reducing the millions of tonnes of food waste going to landfill and by creating better waste in our homes.

We hope you’ll join us!”
Jodie + Shari xo


    20L Bokashi Ninja Starter Kits
    500ml Bokashi Ninja Natural Microorganism Spray (Bokashi Accelerant)
    5 Pack rPET mesh product bags – made from recycled plastic bottles
    50 Pack 27L Landfill Biodegradable bags

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Bokashi Ninja

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Why we love

♥ Reduce food waste – reduce landfill

♥ Convenient in-kitchen unit

♥ Create your own rich fertiliser for your plants

♥ Reducing single use plastic

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