We are MOVEMETICA. We are a passionate group of sweaters, movers, and conscious life-stylers who care deeply about our people and the planet.We deliver on-point, high-quality active and lifestyle products that don’t cost the planet or it’s people.   Our passion lies in finding, and handpicking products that are made in a more responsible way and by brands that give a damn to bring you the latest and best in sustainable and ethical activewear so you move beyond looking good, but feeling good knowing that you are part of the change. 
Our core values are:
SUSTAINABILITY: Movemetica brands are clean, green and environmentally conscious. Our labels have crafted garments from organic  natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool or recycled nylon/polyester or custom fabrics created from products diverted from landfill such as Repreve or ECONYL.  Dyes used in the design process are also non toxic and natural.
VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE.: No animals are harmed in the making of the products we stock.
LOW IMPACT AND MINIMAL WASTE: All our brand partners are committed to the idea of minimal waste in and treading lightly across all aspects of business from manufacturing, operations and supply.
AUTHENTIC, TRANSPARENT AND FAIR: Our brands are ethical. We respect the people making our products and so do our suppliers.  We check for transparency and fairness across the entire supply chain in all the brands we partner with advocate healthy and fair relationships with workers and makers  and only support brands who do the same.
PHILANTHROPIC: We support brands that have a heart, uplift society and are engaged with initiatives that support the local and global environment.

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Why we love

♥ Sustainable active wear

♥ Eco-friendly fitness accessories

♥ Vegan

♥ Supporting charity

♥ Plastic free packaging

Our Favourite Products

Jasmine Alexa

DK Active

LovEarth Yoga Mats