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    Starting your eco-conscious journey is a pretty exciting time! You have made the decision to make changes to your lifestyle that will benefit not only you but also the world we live in. It may seem a little daunting at first as it can be hard to know where to start, however, it can be done easily enough if you just take it one step at a time.

    Here are some simple tips to help you get started on your journey as a conscious consumer….



    Once you become aware of what changes need to be made you might want to jump in and go all out overhauling your lifestyle however, taking a ‘small changes often’ approach will allow you to ease into it with less chance of resorting back to your old lifestyle.

    Choose a few things at a time that are important to you and make those changes first. Get use to those changes before implementing the next few.


    These are 7 of the top easiest swaps to make:


    1. Say no to plastic water bottles and buy a reusable stainless steel flask likes these ones here from Blue Bottle Flasks with the added bonus of 1% of total sales being donated to ocean saving organisations.
    2. Ditch the plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. You’ll find these just about everywhere. Online eco stores, the local supermarket & pharmacies.
    3. Buy a quality reusable drinking straw so you can say goodbye to nasty plastic straws. We recommend these fantastic glass smoothie straws from Sunshine Coast small business Seastraws. You’ll feel even better about your purchase knowing 5% of profits are donated to Great Barrier Reef Legacy.
    4. Stock up on reusable shopping bags. Pop them in your car, in the kitchen and a few in the garage so you see them just before you leave for the day. For farmers market baskets check out the beautiful range at Little Merchants.
    5. Instead of buying liquid pump soaps swap to packaging free soap bars, you can do this with your shampoo too!
    6. Buy some glass containers for your pantry so you can stock up on dry goods at bulk food stores and save on single use plastic packaging.
    7. Invest in a reusable coffee cup. The wax coating on takeaway coffee cups that makes them waterproof means that they can’t be recycled and neither can the black plastic lids. White plastic lids can be recycled.



    There are lots of products out there categorised with labels such as; eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, organic, natural, chemical free and much more. Educate yourself on what each of the terms means and how using products with those terms is going to make a difference. Follow some blogs, instagram account or facebook accounts that focus on sustainability, reducing plastic, eco tips and living consciously to keep you informed and motivated.



    Just don’t be that guy! Your friends, family and colleagues may all be at a different point in their eco journey and some may not be ready to make the same eco-friendly changes to their lifestyle that you are.

    Being exposed to changes you’ve made may encourage those around you to ask why you are making them and adopt similar choices. Spreading awareness through positive example is definitely the way to go!



    It is always good to have support when you are making changes to your lifestyle or the way you do things. Ask your family to sit down with you and explain the changes that you would like to make and the impact the changes will have on them and the environment. It will be a lot easier to stay on track if your family is on board and taking part.



    Reuse, recycle and repurpose. These should become three of your favourite words moving forward if you are making an eco-conscious change.

    The three R’s help to reduce the amount of landfill being produced, the amount of manufacturing being done and reduces the overall effects on the environment.

    The three R’s are a great way to start your eco-conscious journey as they are all things that you can do with items within your home. Again, stay up to date with green living blogs, news and social media for some inspiration on repurposing in the home.


    Being eco-conscious does not need to be an all or nothing life change. Take it slowly and implement your changes one at a time and they will begin to become second nature. Remember why you are making these choices and the positive impact that you will have on the planet and our future generations.

    Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself for making eco-conscious changes, however big or small.

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