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    by Jasmin Lance – ‘My Little Party Hire’

    Jasmin Lance is the owner of Sunshine Coast plastic free party hire business ‘My Little Party Hire‘, offering handcrafted wood-based décor and children’s furniture for a unique experience for your child’s party. Jasmin recently put together her top 4 tips to consider when planning a eco-friendly party for your children.

    Images: Wild Poppy Co. Photography

    1) Party theme

    Mermaids that go glamping! Dinosaurs that wear tutus! There are no rules whatsoever when

    it comes to themes. Dream up something magical with your child that suits their interests. It can be totally out there, gorgeously cute and fun! Endless ideas and combinations. Start early and let the theme choice start you on your party journey!

    2) Location 

    Think of a place that is age appropriate, convenient for you and your guests. Keep in mind safety, shade and have a plan B for a surprise rainy day. Gum boots, raincoats and umbrellas might not represent the perfect party weather but it can be so much fun going on an adventures treasure hunt.

    3) Who to invite

    Always a very hard decision, as we don’t want uninvited friends and family to miss out or feel disappointed and hurt. We suggest, that if you have lots of friends and a big family, bring cupcakes or a cake to share at playgroup, at your mothers’ group or the next family gathering at auntie’s house. Your child will love blowing out the candles over and over again and they won’t be overwhelmed by too many people at once.

    4) Activity and games

    We absolutely love planning nature play based activities! DIY fairy garden, mermaid palace, fossil digging and many more. The activity can be started with a treasure hunt to find the key elements that are needed for creating the activity. If you are limited on space, you could play the classic pass the parcel for them to receive the treasures.

    Our tables are the perfect height for creating their little magic activity on and our activities are plastic free.

    Learn more about ‘My Little Party Hire’ by clicking HERE

    Jasmin xx

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