Peregian Beach Veggie Village


Veggie Village is all about bringing people together and helping to make our beautiful part of the world a little better.


We are a community garden, growing organic fruit, herbs and vegetables, with membership open to anyone who wants to learn more about gardening , share their knowledge or just make some friends.


Working bees are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month between 8.00am and 11.30am with morning tea at 10 am. Mini Working bees are on Tuesday mornings between 7.30am and 09.00am. Check our calendar for up to date info on working bees and events.


We also have occasional workshops where you can pick up some amazing tips from experts and we find lots of other reasons to get together and have fun.


To find out what Veggie Village is all about wander down Rufous Street, Peregian Beach and have a look anytime, or have a garden tour on one of our working bees.

Images by Wild Poppy Co.

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Peregian Beach Veggie Village
50 Rufous Street
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QLD 4573, Australia

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