‘Turquoise’ creates beautiful plantable cards, recycled prints and stationery to help you find zero-waste gifts for your loved ones. Birthed from a passion for art and sustainability, we pride ourselves in providing eco-friendly alternatives to the tons of greeting cards and gifts wasted in the world each year.

Our mission is to offer products that are simple, eco-friendly and heart-warming.

Are you looking for a unique and original gift idea? Our plantable cards are embedded with Swan river daisy seeds, local to Western Australia. More than a card, seeded cards are a gift and a card at the same time.

Along with our ongoing collection, we love helping businesses and individuals with corporate or plantable cards for special events.

All our products are designed & made with love in Perth, Western Australia and we send orders Australia and worldwide.

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Why we love

♥ Zero waste

♥ Plantable cards

♥ Recycled paper prints

♥ Gifts that grow

Our Favourite Products

Sunset plantable card

Plantable thoughts

Daisy plantable card